Faculty & Staff Forms

Recommendation form for graduate assistantships

Use for all Graduate Assistantships, internally, externally, grant or contract funded.

IN/IP contract form

This form must be completed whenever an IN or IP is assigned by the instructor.  The IN/IP Contract Form should originate with the instructor and be signed by the instructor, student, and Graduate Coordinator before being forwarded to The Graduate School.

GRD 699 registration request

Students who need to be registered for GRD 699 Continuous Registration, a zero-hour course, must complete the GRD 699 Registration Request, obtain the signature of their program's Graduate Coordinator, and submit the form to the Graduate School. Students will be billed a $100 fee for this course.

GRE Concordance Tables

Contains two concordance tables: one for the Verbal Reasoning measure and one for the Quantitative Reasoning measure. The table for each measure provides scores on the prior 200 – 800 score scale, the corresponding estimated scores on the new 130 – 170 score scale and corresponding percentile ranks.

Advancement to candidacy status report

Use this form to report the results of a student's attempt to advance to candidacy status.  Applicable only to MFA students.

Public notice of thesis defense

Thesis supervisors should complete this form and return it to the Graduate School office no later than one week prior to the public defense of the student's thesis. 

Comprehensive assessment report

This form must be completed to report the evaluation of the student’s comprehensive assessment.

Recommendation for graduate faculty status

Department wishing to place a faculty member on the Graduate Faculty must complete this form.