Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

Program Overview

The Department of Civil Engineering and Construction offers an MSCE degree program that prepares graduates for thriving engineering careers characterized by continued professional growth.   Our graduates are given unique opportunities to acquire the talents and skills needed in a highly technical society facing serious uncertainties and challenges in the environment and infrastructure.  Our program provides students with the broad scope necessary for a fruitful and successful career in the practice of civil engineering and construction management.

Program Requirements

The MSCE program has a minimum requirement of 30 semester hours.  Students may study in one of three areas of concentration: construction management, structural, or geo-environmental/water resources.  Students have an option of selecting a thesis or a non-thesis option.  The thesis option requires 6 semester hours of CE 699 (Thesis).  The non-thesis option requires a minimum of 6 semester hours in an area of concentration.  Students are required to pass a comprehensive examination during the last semester of study, students seeking the thesis option are required to make oral defense of their thesis instead.

Estimated Time to Complete the Program

Students carrying full-time course loads can reasonably complete the MSCE program in one and one-half to two years.  Students carrying a part-time course load have up to a maximum of five years to complete the program.

Faculty Research Interests

Details about faculty and their research interests can be found on the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction web site.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the admission requirements of the Graduate School, individuals seeking admission to the MSCE program should have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering or construction.  Qualified graduates from other engineering or related fields may be admitted conditionally.  The conditional status may be changed to unconditional only after all deficiencies are removed.

Department Contact Information

Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Kerrie Schattler, (309) 677-2779,

Department Chair
Dr. Souhail Elhouar, (309) 677-3830,

Department Secretary
Kim Luna, (309) 677-2942,