Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership

The online 36-hour nonprofit leadership master’s degree prepares you to be an innovative leader in the growing world of nonprofit organizations.

Preparing You For Success

You learn how to guide and grow organizations through coursework that focuses on strategic planning, financial leadership, personnel development, fundraising and grant writing. Classes are scheduled online so you can complete the degree while working full-time. If you work full-time for a nonprofit organization, you may be eligible for a 30% scholarship. You can finish in 16 months, though you’re allowed five years for completion.

Your experiences include:

  • A 150-hour field experience with a local non-profit leader
  • Compile a professional portfolio to showcase your unique education and training to potential employers during your job search

Making Your Mark

The degree opens the door to careers in the diverse nonprofit sector. You’re equipped to lead community and social service agencies, colleges and universities, health care facilities, faith-based organizations, charities and philanthropic foundations.

Video Testimonials

The program's talented alumni speak about the value their Master's degree brought to their professional careers.

Graduate Program Requirements

Term 1

  • NPL 605: Legal and Social Change - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 610: Survey in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 604: Nonprofit Communication,Marketing,Digital Media

Term 2

  • NPL 583: Supervision and Employee Engagement in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 581 a: Topics in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 582: Grant Writing in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.

Term 3

  • NPL 673: Leadership Perspectives - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 580: Financial Leadership in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • FCS 541: Research methods

Term 4

  • NPL 612: Institutional Planning and Evaluation - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 581 b: Topics in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 686: Field Experience in Administration - 3 hrs.