Post-Master Principal Licensure in Educational Administration

Bradley’s certificate in educational administration is available if you have a graduate degree in an educational field.

Preparing You For Success

The certification in educational administration prepares you to take the qualifying state test and apply for principal licensure in Illinois. It meets Illinois State Board of Education requirements with courses in instructional leadership, management, policy and clinicals. In addition to the academic requirements, licensure requires you to have two years of full-time teaching or service experience.

Making Your Mark

If you have a graduate degree in an education related field, you may need as few as 22 hours for National Board Certified Teachers or as many as 32 hours to satisfy Illinois State Board of Education coursework requirements for Principal Licensure.

Graduate Program Requirements

Required Courses - 32 hrs.

  • ENC 605: Legal and Social Change - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 606: Interpersonal Behavior and Organizational Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 611: Instructional Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 662: Community Relations - 1 hr.
  • ENC 669: Special Education Law - 2 hrs.
  • ENC 670: Human Resource Management - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 673: Leadership Perspectives - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 676: The School Principalship - 2 hrs.
  • ENC 677: Educational Finance - 2 hrs.
  • ENC 678: United States Public School Law - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 686: Field Experiences in Administration - 6 hrs.

Students follow a course sequence similar to students seeking a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership degree with the exception of coursework requirements already satisfied. Upon transcript evaluation of the previous master’s degree in another area, students follow the same courses as master’s level students.