Post Master Certificate Program in Neurocounseling

The 13 credit-hour certificate in neurocounseling is designed for individuals who have master’s degrees in counseling or closely related fields. It applies emerging understandings of the brain’s structure and function to traditional counseling practice.

Taking Your Future Forward

In one of the first certificate programs in the U.S., you’ll learn counseling techniques that help reshape brain functions. Using biofeedback, regulation and mindfulness, you’ll help people address trauma, substance use, phobias and mood disorders.

These tools are useful if you’re involved in health or professional school counseling, social work, psychology, pastoral counseling, rehabilitation counseling, psychiatric nursing and other related fields.

Graduate Admission Requirements

Learn more about graduate admission standards and application requirements on our Requirements page.

Graduate Program Requirements

Required Courses - 13 hrs.

  • ENC 607: Neurocounseling: Bridging Brain and Behavior - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 608: Brain-Based Counseling Interventions - 2 hrs.
  • ENC 632: Psychopharmacology in Counseling - 1 hr.
  • ENC 630: Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 530: Loss and Grief Counseling - 1 hr.
  • ENC 631: Crisis Intervention Counseling - 1 hr.
  • ENC 640: Clinical Supervision in Counseling - 2 hrs.

A counseling faculty member will tailor coursework around your needs after reviewing your transcript.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Proof of Masters Degree and official transcripts from program
  • One additional electronic recommendation (total of three)
  • Valid GRE or MAT test score if Graduate Admission GPA evaluation is less than a 3.0