Post-Masters Certification in School Counseling

(admission currently suspended)

The 12-hour certificate in school counseling is designed for those who have master's degrees in counseling or closely related fields. It enhances your counseling skills to work in school districts and educational institutions.

Preparing You For Success

The certificate teaches you best practices to work with teachers, administrators and other members of the guidance and student assistance team. It typically can be completed in one year. The program keeps you current as you continue to work in schools and education-focused nonprofits. Recent Bradley graduates are working in school districts in central Illinois.

Making Your Mark

Your enhanced skills provide new opportunities to help students grow. In addition to K-12 districts, you can work for education advocacy organizations, education-focused corporations and government education agencies.

Graduate Program Requirements

Required Courses - 12 hrs.

  • ENC 653: Professional School Counseling K-8 - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 655: Professional School Counseling in Secondary Schools - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 586: Counseling Diverse Populations - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 620: Counseling Professional Orientation - 2 hrs.
  • ENC 622: Counseling: Ethics and the Law - 1 hr.
  • ENC 621: Career and Life Planning Across the Life Span - 3 hrs.
  • ENC 692: Internship II - 3 hrs.

A counseling faculty member will tailor coursework around your needs and a transcript review.