Master of Science - Computer Science

The master’s degree in computer science is a 33-hour program that enhances your skills for a career in network, database or intelligent systems administration, software engineering, programming and other related fields.

Preparing You For Success

The CS master’s degree sharpens your skills in concepts related to artificial intelligence, computer architecture, modern operating systems, software engineering and programming languages. You choose one or two concentrations from nine areas: software, web and computer security; game technology; computing management; emerging topics in CIS; intelligent systems, databases and data mining; mobile computing; software engineering; web technologies and systems; and theoretical computer science. As graduate student, you apply your analytical, technical and managerial skills to advanced design and development projects with potential professional implications.

Making Your Mark

Recent graduates are working at places such as Capital One Financial Services, Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM, Illinois Mutual Life Insurance and IT Ideology.

Graduate Program Requirements

Required Courses - 12 hrs.

  • CS 520: Advanced Computer Architecture - 3 hrs.
    or CS 625: Operating Systems Design - 3 hrs.
  • CS 590: Fundamentals of Software Engineering - 3 hrs.
    or CS 591: Software Project Management - 3 hrs.
  • CS 514: Algorithms - 3 hrs.
    or CS 612: Automata, Computation and Complexity - 3 hrs.
  • CS 561: Artificial Intelligence - 3 hrs.
    or CS 571: Database Management Systems - 3 hrs.

Other Requirements

  • Student must take three courses from one of the concentrations offered by the department.

Note: At least 21 of the 33 hours must be earned in courses labeled CS. At most, six hours may be earned in approved courses other than those labeled CS or CIS.