Children & Young Adults in Cullom-Davis Library

Cullom-Davis Library allows adult members of the general public to use its resources for research, information gathering and personal betterment purposes. It is not, however, organized or staffed to supervise adequately its use by unattended children. The possibility of disturbances to students and faculty caused by inappropriate behavior, the monopolization of public computers and the potential for University liability in the event of an injury are all valid reasons to restrict the admittance of children. This policy establishes guidelines on Library access by children and young adults.


Non-high school students must be accompanied by a responsible adult 21 years of age or older to enter the Cullom-Davis Library.


In order to provide a suitable research and study environment and to avoid personal injuries, the following guidelines are to be followed:

  • High school students must show a current school ID with photo or a government issued ID .
  • The responsible adult must monitor the behavior of the persons they accompany.
  • Enforcement assistance by the Bradley University Police Department will be requested as necessary.
  • An exception to this policy may be made for those with an Information Pass issued by a school librarian or learning center manager.