Collection Development Duplication Policy

The Cullom-Davis Library aims to acquire all titles requested by its patrons. The Library recognizes that there are legitimate reasons to acquire more than one copy. In an effort to maximize the value of the allocated resources, such requests will only be fulfilled if they meet the guidelines listed below.


The Library's policy is to acquire only a single copy of each item selected for the collection. In unusual circumstances more than one copy may be acquired for specific purposes.


The library will purchase:

  • Two copies of works authored by Bradley faculty, and one copy will be kept in Special Collections.
  • More than one copy when high demand (e.g. if a book is purchased as a supplemental course reading) is expected. A maximum of one additional copy may be purchased for every thirty students in a class, up to a maximum of four copies. The library will determine official enrollment with the Registrar’s Office.
  • When more then one copy is acquired, the first copy will be hard-back and additional copies will be in paperback (if available). This will facilitate weeding of additional copies after usage of the title has waned.

The library will not purchase:

  • Second copies meant exclusively for faculty use (e.g. office copies).
  • If the purchase will consume more than 20% of the departmental allocation for books for the Fiscal Year.

How to Request Multiple Copies

  • Faculty wishing to purchase multiple copies of a title should fill out the attached form, and forward it to their liaison librarian.
  • The Collection Development librarian has the final approval on all requests.