Room Reservation Policy

The Cullom-Davis Library has a number of study and meeting rooms of various sizes that may be reserved by Bradley students, faculty and staff. Given the high volume of demand for personal and group study rooms, and increasing levels of temporary abandonment and non-usage, we have modified our Room Reservation policy. Please plan accordingly and place your reservation only for the time(s) you plan to use the room, and bring all the necessary materials you anticipate needing with you to the library building. Additionally, there is no food in study or meeting rooms without prior written approval of the Library Director, in order to keep the spaces clean and comfortable for subsequent occupants. Any drinks must be in closed containers.

To make a room reservation, come to the Main Office, Room 144 on the first floor of the library, or call 677-2850 between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM on weekdays. Room keys are obtained from and checked out at the Circulation Desk using your Bradley ID. They are to be returned to the Circulation Desk by the end of the scheduled reservation time.

While the key is checked out in your name, you are responsible for any issues related to the room and/or key, including property damage and potential fines for late key returns related to the period for which it is checked out. Accordingly, you are encouraged not to leave the key with another individual should you need to leave.

If you should need to leave the building, you must return the key to the Circulation Desk where it will be promptly discharged, and the room forfeited. You may reschedule usage of the room for when you anticipate returning if it is still available. Another room may be scheduled if any are available.

If a break or meal should be necessary during the period of your room reservation, you are encouraged to remain in the building and use the Stacks Café, or the Main (first) Floor where consumption of non-aromatic foods is permitted.

Any instances of food or drink in open containers in the study rooms, staff will either ask you to discard the food, or forfeit the room. Refusal will result in the food and drink being taken away. A warning will be issued, which will be noted on your account.

For further guidance about food and drink, please refer to the Library Food & Drink Policy.


General Policies


  • Rooms may be reserved for up to four hours.
  • Up to three reservations may be made within a 24-hour period, for that day or any future day. Please plan accordingly and place the reservation only for the time(s) you know you will use it. If three reservations have been made, subsequent changes are no longer possible until the next day.
  • Continuous occupancy is required. Do not leave the building and come back later. Abandoned rooms are subject to forfeiture of the reservation.
  • The key may not be left at the main library desk, or leave the building. If you need to abandon the room, the reservation will be forfeited.
  • A reservation must be claimed within 15 minutes of its scheduled start time. If you are running behind, please call 677-2850 to confirm your reservation.
  • Rooms should be left in good order and the door locked before returning the key to the front desk.
  • The monitors in some rooms do not have VGA cables attached, however they may be borrowed at the Reserves Desk on the first floor.
  • Each room, unless otherwise specified below, is equipped with a monitor and a whiteboard. Markers for use with whiteboards may be checked out at the front desk.