Google Scholar at Bradley

Google Scholar can link to full-text journals at Bradley.

On campus, users of Google Scholar automatically see full text link "Get It @ Bradley Univ" and interlibrary loan link "Get Help @ Bradley Univ," in addition to direct link to PDF or html full texts.

  • If Bradley has full text, users can either click directly on the full text link, or click on "Get It @ Bradley Univ" to get full text.
  • If Bradley does not have full text, click on "More" to get the link "Get Help @ Bradley Univ," which takes users to either interlibrary loan or Get It Now service.

Off campus, to set up Bradley links,

  • Go to Google Scholar home page.
  • Click on Settings (a gear icon) from the menu on top left screen.
  • From "Library Links" or "Find Library" box , find Bradley and set preferences.
  • Links to Bradley's full texts or services will then appear in search results. 

Want to specify searches by author, date, publication, subject, or exact phrase? Try "Advanced search" by going to the menu at top left screen.