Government Documents

Bradley Federal Depository profile:

Depository Library Number: 0159A.  Federal Depository Type: Selective depository library. Type of Designation: Representative. Congressional District: Illinois 17th.

In 2016, the library became a digital only depository library for US government documents.  Please use or or your favorite search tool to find federal government publications online.

Bradley Library is also one of the Illinois Depository Libraries.

Contact Information:
Xiaotian Chen,, (309) 677-2839
Erich Gilbert,, (309) 677-2836

Special notice during COVID 19 pandemic:
Public access to the Cullom-Davis Library is temporarily restricted. Until further notice, only Bradley University students, faculty and staff may enter the library. If you need help searching government publications online, please email Xiaotian Chen or Erich Gilbert.

Locating Government Publications On the Web

Many government publications (also sometimes called government documents, or just documents) are being made available online. Use your favorite search engine, or search, and HathiTrust Digital Library

Traditional search tools

The following catalog/index can also be helpful for finding government publications.

  • Catalog of US Government Publications 1976 to present. Formerly The Monthly Catalog. For years before 1976, please see The Cumulative Title Index to United States Public Documents, 1789-1976 below.
  • The Cumulative Title Index to United States Public Documents, 1789-1976 (Ref. Z 1223 .Z7 L47, v.1-16) is an alphabetical listing, by title, of publications in the Public Documents Library of the Government Printing Office. It's a useful finding aid for older documents.