Music Collection

Music Resource Area

Retrieval of Music Resource items (scores, sheet music, and BU recordings)

If a student or faculty member wants a score, sheet music, or a BU recording, s/he must come to the circulation desk to request the item.  An Access Services person must retrieve this item from the Music Resource area; the faculty member or student is not allowed to accompany this person.  Ensure that the circulation desk is covered by another staff member or student during the retrieval period.  When the desired items have been located, the requester must check out the items on his or her ID card.  If the person is faculty, and does not have an ID with him or her, the items can be set aside for delivery the next day with his / her name on them.  Scores and sheet music can be checked out just as any other item would be.  BU recordings can only be used in the building for 4 hours at a time.

Hours for music retrieval:      8.30 am – 10 pm, Monday – Friday

                                                            Closed Saturday

                                                            Noon – 5 pm, Sunday

Browsing the Music Collection

ONLY faculty are allowed to browse the music collection per library director.  NO exceptions (and NO students), and complaints are to be routed to the director.  In order to browse the music collection, faculty will check out the Music Resource key at the circulation desk.  The check-out period for this key is two hours, and it must be returned to the circulation desk when the faculty member is finished.


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