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Peoria History

Finding Books | Research Guide | Published Histories

Finding Books

The main library catalog provides information on all the materials that the library owns; videos, and music recordings, in addition to books. 

I-Share is the shared catalog of the over 70 university and college libraries that belong to the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI).  You can use the I-Share catalog to see if books, videos or DVD’s are available for you to request to be sent here.  (You use a different procedure to get copies of articles.)  Items available in the I-Share catalog can be requested directly through a catalog link for delivery to Bradley at no charge.

Worldcat is the 3rd library catalog provided.   Worldcat is catalog that lists what materials are available through thousands of libraries located all throughout the world.   If a book, video  or DVD is not available through the Bradley library or I-Share, then Worldcat has a built in form for borrowing the item through the interlibrary loan office.

Peoria History Research Guide

As the oldest continuously settled site in the state of Illinois, Peoria and its environs have a rich past worthy of research. Although there is as yet no single comprehensive study, a number of useful books have been published within the past few years which can provide the beginning student with the necessary overview. Most are readily available in local libraries and bookstores.

  • Adams, Bill. Bill Adams' Yester Days. 3 vols. 1992-1994. REF. F549.P4 A32 & F549.P4 A32 & SPEC. F549.P4 A32 (Special Collections) Copies are available in the circulating collection in the basement, on the 1st floor in Reference, and on the 3rd floor in Special Collections.
  • Bobbitt, Charles. Peoria, Illinois Revisited In Vintage Postcards. 2000. SPEC. F549.P4 B635 2000
  • Brignall, Douglas. Peoria Firefighters: A Proud History. 1999. OVSIZE. TH9505 .P4 1999 & SPEC. TH9505 .P4 1999
  • Franke, Judith. French Peoria and the Illinois Country. 1995. OVSIZE. F549.P4 F731995 & SPEC. F549.P4 F731995
  • Klein, Jerry. Peoria Industry: A Pictorial History. 1997. REF. F549.P4 K57 1997 & SPEC F549.P4 K57 1997
  • Century of Music: The Peoria Symphony Orchestra. 1997. SPEC. ML421.P4 .K51997
  • Ogg, Brian. Wish You Were Here: Peoria Edition. 1997. REF. F549.P4 O5 1997 & SPEC.F549.P4 O5 1997
  • Peoria Spirits: The Story of Peoria's Brewing and Distilling Industries. 1997. OVSIZE. HD9357 .P4 & REF. HD9357 .P4 & SPEC. HD9357 .P4
  • Peoria Journal Star. Peoria: Impressions of 150 Years. 1995. REF. F549.P4 P42 & SPEC. F549.P4 P42
  • Smallwood, Arwin. Blacks At Bradley 1897-2000. 2001. LD571.B34 S54 2001 & SPEC. BPI. LD571.B34 S54 2001
  • Streight, Steven. Bicycle Fever: Peoria Bicycle Races from the 1890's to the 1990s. 1990. OVSIZE. GV1049 .S78 & SPEC. GV1049 .S78
  • Stuttle, Rosemary. Healing, Teaching, Caring: 100 Years with Methodist Medical Center of Illinois. 2000. (Special Collections)
  • Wheeler, Monica Vest. Peoria Business: A Pictorial History. 1998. REF. F549.P4 W6 1998 & SPEC. F549.P4 W6 1998
  • Peoria Entertainment: A Pictorial History. 2000. REF F549. P4 W66 2000 & SPEC F549. P4 W66 2000
  • Beyond the mountaintop : a history of the Itoo Society SPEC. F549.P4 W67 2004
  • Reading,Writing, And Religion: A Pictorial History of Peoria Schools and Churches. 1999. REF. F549.P45 W65 1999 & REF. F549.P45 W65 1999
  • The Grandest Views: A History of the Peoria Park District. 1994 REF. GV182 W54 1994 & SPEC. GV182 W54 1994
  • With the greatest care and love : a 125th anniversary history of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria, Illinois, and The Sisters of the Third Order of St.Francis. SPEC. F549.P4 W6

Published Histories

Where no call number is indicated, check with Special Collections

  • American Institute of Architects. Central Illinois Chapter. Peoria One, Downtown, Pre-1920. 1980 SPEC. NA108.P4 P42
  • Peoria Two, East/West Bluff, Pre-1940. 1981 SPEC. NA108.P4 P43
  • Peoria Three, North Side, Pre-1940. n.d.
  • Peoria Four, South Side, Pre-1940. n.d.
  • May, George. Student's History of Peoria County, Illinois. 1968. SPEC.F547.P4 M3
  • Balance, Charles. History of Peoria, Illinois. 1870. SPEC. F549.P4 B2
  • Bateman, Newton, Paul Selby, and David McCulloch. Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Peoria County. 1902. REF. F547.P4 B3 & SPEC. F547.P4 B3
  • Bess, Frederick. Eine Populare Geshichte der Stadt Peoria. 1906.
  • Johnson and Company. The History of Peoria County Illinois. 1880.
  • The history of Peoria County, Illinois : containing a history of the Northwest--history of Illinois--history of the county, its early settlement, growth,development, resources, etc., etc. ... REF. F547.P4 H61981
  • Rice, James. History of Peoria City and County. 1912 REF. F549.P4 R3 & SPEC. SPEC. F549.P4 R3
  • Slane, Odillon. Reminiscences of Early Peoria. 1933.
  • Zotz, Alois. Achtzehn Jahre In Peoria. 1869 Microfilm, SPEC.F549.P4 Z6 1869

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