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This guide is designed to locate texts of speeches, addresses, monologues, and dialogues:

Most indexes listed below follow the same general procedure:

For each speech or segment listed there is a code. The code indicates a collection in which the item is found. The user then locates the collection in the library.

Texts of Speeches

  • Speech Index. REF AI 3 .S85 This series provides access to speeches of famous orators from earliest times to the present.
  • Vital Speeches of the Day. PERIODICAL, 2nd floor A periodical that reproduces texts of speeches delivered by present-day public figures. If you know the date of delivery of a particular speech, go directly to the issue covering that time period to find the speech. Otherwise, access is available through Reader's Guide to Periodicals.
  • Lend Me Your Ears: Great Speeches in History. REF PN 6122 .L4 1992 Contains varied speeches and addresses (patriotic, revolutionary, argumentative, etc.) given by historical figures (Socrates, Gorbarchev, Queen Elizabeth I, Cicero, Jimmy Carter, Barbara Jordan, etc.).
  • Great Speeches for Criticism & Analysis. REF PN 4121 .R63 1988 Contains historically important speeches from the latter half of the 20th century. In two major categories (deliberative and ceremonial), the speeches were delivered for campaigns, rallies, debates, eulogies, statements of values, etc.


  • Monologue Index. REF PN 2080 .S6 1995 A guide to 1,778 monologues from 1,074 plays, organized by gender, divided by broad subject categories (dramatic, comic, ethnic, etc.). Includes a key to book titles in the Monologues series and brief synopses. Monologues series (REF PN 2080) titles include 100 Great Monologues from the 19th Century Romantic and Realistic Theatres, Best Men's Stage Monologues, Neoclassic Theatre, Renaissance, etc.
  • Index to Monologs and Dialogs. REF PN 4305 .M6 I64 1949 Though somewhat dated, this remains useful as a source for dialogs. Organized by subject.

For further information, browse the stacks in these areas:

  • Speech Techniques: PN 4001-4355
  • Debating: PN 4177-4191
  • Quotations: PN 6080-6095
  • Orations: PN 6121-6129
  • Anecdotes: PN 6259-6268
  • Maxims: PN 6299-6308
  • Toasts: PN 6340-6348

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