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Women's Studies

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GENERAL NOTE: Most books dealing with women's studies are located in the lower level of the Library in the call number area of HQ1075-2030. Items with call numbers beginning with Z are bibliographies. Be aware that often materials dealing with women in some other discipline have been cataloged together with the other items in that discipline (e.g., women in art will be classed with other works dealing with art).

Handbooks, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries

  • Women's Studies Encyclopedia. REF. HQ1115 .W645 Articles are in alphabetical order by topics associated with women's studies. The focus is primarily on issues of interest in the U.S.
  • A-Z of Women's Sexuality, by Kahn. REF. RG121 .K218 1990
  • The New Our Bodies, Ourselves: a book by and for women. RA778 .N67 Groundbreaking feminist handbook of female physiology and self care. Contains basic medical, legal and other practical information.
  • Handbook of American Women's History. REF. HQ1410 .H36 1990 Entries, arranged alphabetically, give concise definitions of terms, short biographies, brief descriptions of organizations, and a basic bibliography.
  • Statistical Handbook on Women in America. REF. HQ1420 .T34 1996 Graphs, charts, figures (some back to early 1900's) taken mostly from U.S. government sources.

Biographies and Indexes to Biographical Works

  • Notable American Women. REF. CT3260 .N573 A continuing series of biographies of people no longer living. The focus is on American women but includes those from foreign countries who did most of their work in the U.S.
  • Who's Who of American Women. REF. CT3260 .W5B Annual volumes providing very brief biographical sketches of American women.
  • Women in Particular: an Index to American Women, by Herman. REF. HQ1412 .H47 1984 An index to biographies of American women who accomplished something (not women noted only for beauty or social position). This index concentrates on biographies difficult to find elsewhere.

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