General Studies Degree Completion

Bradley’s General Studies degree is an excellent choice if you have wide-ranging interests and have already completed at least 90 hours of college coursework. It’s a great fit for those with strong interpersonal skills, who like learning new things and want to reinvent themselves.

At Bradley, we designed the general studies program to give you the support you need to finish your degree and reach your goals. All classes are online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and in a way that fits the demands of your busy schedule.

Our General Studies program builds on the strengths you developed with your earlier schoolwork. It also adds breadth to your learning, centered on ethical responsibility as citizens and leaders. You’ll work closely with your academic adviser to design a personalized area of focus that combines your past courses with Bradley courses in a way that supports your current career goals and points you in new directions.

Along with the traditional courses you’ll take, you’ll also design one or more experiential capstone experiences. These will allow you to apply your liberal-arts skills in real-world settings — whether you choose to make an innovative difference in your workplace or as a volunteer in your community.

With your Bradley General Studies degree, you’ll be a more informed and effective leader in your current role. It will also allow you to pursue a master’s degree or take on a new career in a variety of business and professional fields.

Program Requirements

  • Major-Specific Requirements (49 hrs.)
  • Area of Focus (24 hrs.)
  • Liberal Studies (25 hrs.)
    • LAS 301 (1-3 hrs.)

Area of Focus

The Area of Focus is a coherent set of courses that address a common topic within a discipline or across disciplines. Usually the topic will feature at least one departmental or disciplinary term that labels a field of study (e.g., business, social work, neuroscience, communication). Recent graduates have completed Areas of Focus in “Business Applications of Computers,” “Pre-Medical Professions,” and “Communication, Teaching, and Training.”

  • At least 9 or the 24 hours must be completed at the 300-level or above (minimum GPA of 2.25)

Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies component of the General Studies major is intended to cultivate reflective approaches to the human condition in all its complexity. This interdisciplinary blend of Liberal Arts courses is intended to foster intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for lifelong learning, as well as to drive more knowledgeable and engaged citizenship.

  • A minimum of 6 credit hours is required in Computational, Natural, and/or Social Sciences
  • A minimum of 6 credit hours is also required in the Humanities.
  • A hands-on capstone experience LAS 301 (1-3 credit hours)
  • At least 6 of the 25 hours must be completed at the 300-level (minimum GPA of 2.25)

LAS 301 - Cooperative Education/Internship in LAS

Every General Studies major takes at least one LAS 301 Coop/Internship course as a capstone experience in which they put the skills developed in the program to productive use in their workplace or in a volunteer capacity in their community. Emphasis is put not just on what the student accomplishes, but what they learn about themselves along the way.

Other Requirements

General Studies students must complete the All-University course requirements and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences courses requirements to earn a degree.