Mentors on Call

Most accomplished entrepreneurs owe part of of their success to a mentor who helped them out along the way.  Mentors are there to answer questions when those answers seem distant.  They push us when we lose momentum, challenge us when we become complacent, and reveal entirely new paths that we never knew existed.

“Mentors on Call” provides seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs to enhance the entrepreneurial capabilities of student entrepreneurs.  Mentors in this program will volunteer their time to listen to students’ ideas, utilizing their experience to guide students along their entrepreneurial journey.

Students of all majors, from any college, are eligible to obtain an entrepreneurial mentor.  The only requirement is that the individual be currently enrolled at Bradley University.  

What Can You Expect From a Mentor?

  • A trusted confidant with which to share your entrepreneurial plans.
  • Answers to specific questions that will help launch your business (or social) entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Supportive, honest and constructive feedback and encouragement.
  • Learn from the work and life experiences of an expert in their field.
  • Enhance your networking opportunities with professionals in your chosen field.
  • Mentors will have knowledge in specific industries and areas of expertise, so the quality and relevance of the advice will be excellent.

To obtain a mentor or volunteer to become a mentor, contact Ken Klotz, Managing Director, Turner School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, (309) 677-4321 or