Idea Factory

The Idea Factory is a physical space for students to develop an idea for a product, service, innovation, or solution to a social issue. You and your team will enjoy free work space and resources designed to help you launch a venture. Do you have an idea but need teammates to fill skill gaps? The Idea Factory will assist in finding teammates with needed specialized skills. Are you interested in entrepreneurship, but do not yet have an idea to pursue? The Idea Factory is an ideal place to hang out with entrepreneurial-minded students, discover your passion, join a team, and develop friendships.

Who Can Participate?

Any currently enrolled Bradley student can participate, regardless of major or college affiliation. All you need to access the space is a valid Bradley ID.

Location and Hours of Operation

The Idea Factory is located at room 229 of the Cullum-Davis Library. The space includes comfortable casual-style seating, work tables and chairs, whiteboards on every wall, projector and screen, kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave, and a "skills matching board" to either locate needed student expertise or to offer skills to other teams. The hours of operation are the same as the library, so if the library is open, so is the Idea Factory.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

Participating students can expect:

  • Physical work space for your team to meet, free of charge.
  • Potential course credit opportunities for planning, launching, or operating a venture.
  • Potential funding for your idea to reach startup milestones.
  • A social place to hang out with other students with entrepreneurial inclinations.
  • Facilitated pitch sessions to improve speaking skills.
  • Connections to the equipment, tools, and materials to produce prototypes and test ideas.
  • Access to resources including on-site planning guidance, informational workshops, and matching to alumni entrepreneur mentors.
  • Monthly mentoring sessions to accelerate idea development.
  • Workshops on startup basics, IP protection, business plans, and more.
  • Demo Day to display ideas to investors and the public.
  • Introductions to local banks and investors.
  • Skills matching service to locate students with needed specialized expertise.

More Information

To obtain access to the Idea Factory, contact Marcos Hashimoto, Managing Director of the Turner School at:

How Do I Sign Up?

To participate in the Idea Factory, simply swipe your ID to enter room 229. There is no application or screening process. If you want in, you’re in! Participants will be asked to sign a brief “Use Agreement” that sets forth some basic rules. There are no reserved seats or tables- just make yourself comfortable wherever.

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