Mentors On Call

Many accomplished entrepreneurs owe part of their success to mentors who helped them along the way. Mentors are there to answer questions, provide needed pushes and reveal new paths to solutions.

The Bradley University Mentors on Call Program, offered through the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, provides seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs to enhance the entrepreneurial capabilities of students. Mentors in this program volunteer their time to listen to students’ ideas, utilizing their experience to assist students along their entrepreneurial journey.

Students of any major can obtain an entrepreneurial mentor. The only requirement is that the individual be currently enrolled as a student at Bradley University.  

Why Have a Mentor?

  • Secure a trusted confidant with which to share your entrepreneurial plans.
  • Get answers to specific questions that will help launch your business (or social) entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Obtain supportive, honest and constructive feedback and encouragement.
  • Learn from the work and life experiences of an expert in their field.
  • Enhance your networking opportunities with professionals in your chosen field.
  • Mentors will have knowledge in specific industries and areas of expertise, so the quality and relevance of the advice will be excellent.

Why Become a Mentor?

  • Being a mentor provides you with a sense of personal satisfaction, making a difference in a student’s growth and development.
  • As a mentor, you are able to relive important business decisions, and look back at your experiences with a different perspective.
  • You are able to “give back” to your university, profession or industry.
  • Mentors gain exposure to cutting edge technologies, ideas, and new talent.
  • By mentoring, you are honoring everyone that has ever helped you in your life or career.

How Do I Sign Up?

To participate in the program, interested students and mentors will need to complete the appropriate application, which is used to match students to the mentors.

Student Application Mentor Application