Entrepreneurial Scholar Program

Students can earn the “Entrepreneurial Scholar” designation on their transcript by completing a prescribed set of requirements.  Earning this designation shows potential employers that you have developed skills in creativity, innovation, and problem solving.  Additionally, the entrepreneurial activities provide practical experience to supplement classroom instruction.  The program is designed to serve the following types of undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Those who have an interest in entrepreneurship courses and activities, but have no room in their academic schedule for completion of the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation;
  • “entrepreneurial dabblers” who merely want to sample a few entrepreneurship offerings; and
  • Those considering pursuit of the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, but are currently undecided.

Earning the “Entrepreneurial Scholar” designation will require the student to complete nine (9) credit hours of course work, plus accumulate experiential activity points.

Required Courses (3 credit hours)

  • ENT 280 - Entrepreneurial Creativity (3 credit hours)

Approved Elective Course (6 credit hours):

Choose six (6) credit hours from among the following courses:

  • ENT 281(1 credit hour) - The Entrepreneurial Career
  • BLW 347 - Law and the Entrepreneur
  • ENT 385 -  Technology Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 386 -  Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 488 -  Internship in Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 489 -  Independent Studies
  • CFA 101-02(1 credit hour) - Entrepreneurship Mindset in CFA
  • COM 394 -  Communication and Conflict Management
  • FCS 170 -  Hospitality Leadership I
  • FCS 270 -  Special Event Planning
  • I M 350 -  Intellectual Property Law and New Media
  • MUS 301 -  Contemporary Issues in Music Business
  • MUS 101 -  Introduction to Music Business
  • THE 223 -  Theatrical Producing
  • SEI 200 and/or SEI 300 -  Topics in Entrepreneurship
  • SEI 210 and/or SEI 310 -  Practicum in Entrepreneurship
  • Additional course designated by your college

Entrepreneurial Activities (12 points required):

To successfully earn the Entrepreneurial Scholar designation, the student must have accumulated no less than twelve (12) points, earned in any combination of the following activities: 

Points & Activity Description

  • 2 - Participation in Project Springboard or other collegiate business plan competition preliminary round (Limit 4 points)
  • 2 - Project Springboard or other collegiate business plan competition final round participant (Limit 4 points)
  • 2 - Start & operate a new business for at least 6 months.  Two (2) points for every 6 months of operations (Limit 6 points)
  • 2 - Participate in a student “fast pitch” competition (Limit 4 points)
  • 2 - Completion of approved project requiring the application of entrepreneurship or innovation skills (Limit 6 points)
  • 1 - Participate in approved social entrepreneurship activity for at least 6 months (Limit 2 points)
  • 1 - Attend approved guest speaker events and/or extracurricular activities related to entrepreneurship (Limit 2 points)
  • 1 - Attend Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization Annual Conference, Self-Employment in the Arts Conference or other entrepreneurship conference (1 point for each day attended.  (Limit 2 points)
  • 1 - Attend NOVUS, NAWBO, or other local entrepreneurship organization meeting (Limit 2 points)

The Turner School’s Curriculum Advising Committee will amend the list of approved activities on an ongoing basis. 

Students who participate in point-earning activities will report those activities to the Managing Director of the Turner School, who will maintain a database to track progress toward completion. 


For advising on the requirements necessary to earn the Entrepreneurial Scholar designation, please contact the Advisor below from the College in which your major is housed:

  • Dr. Ed Lamoureux – Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts
  • Dr. Kendra Brandes – College of Education and Health Sciences
  • Dr. Bob Podlasek – Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology
  • Dr. Eden Blair – Foster College of Business Administration
  • Dr. Robert Prescott – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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To declare your pursuit of the Entrepreneurial Scholar designation, complete the Application.  For advice on the minor, see the appropriate advisor above.