Astronomy Courses

AST 300 - Astronomy: Our Glimpse of the Cosmos (3 hours)
Gen. Ed. TS
Various scientific views of the cosmos; how modern astronomy has enlightened and broadened these views. Relationships between man, technology, and the universe through scientific knowledge of planets, stars, galaxies, and the cosmos will be investigated. Experimental discoveries in astronomy are examined, analyzed, and discussed. Prerequisite: junior standing; a basic science course.

AST 310 - Astronomy and Astrophysics (3 hours)
Scientific and contemporary study of broad range of astronomy and astrophysical topics: overview of the universe, superclusters of galaxies, stars, planetary systems, and subsystems of objects. Analytical presentations of special topics: stellar evolution, quasi-stellar objects, black holes, and cosmological concepts. Scientific-technical elective for science and engineering majors. Prerequisite: junior standing; one year of analytical science.