Leadership in Education, Human Services, and Counseling

FACULTY: Professors Russell-Chapin, Rybak (chair), Sherman, Tripses; Associate Professors K. Buchko, Davison Avilés, Risen, Skaggs; Temporary Assistant Professor McMillan.


The Leadership in Education, Human Services and Counseling (EHC) department offers Master’s Programs in Educational Administration, Human Service Administration, Clinical Mental Health, and School Counseling. Our minor in Leadership, ending with a capstone leadership experience, is available to all undergraduate students.

Mission Statement

The Leadership in Education, Human Services, and Counseling program faculty collaborate to gain global distinction in preparing diverse and qualified students from local, regional, national, and international locations to become competent, socially responsible administrative and counseling leaders in settings including schools, nonprofit, and for-profit agencies. 

Vision Statement

The vision of the EHC Department is to create environments that advance optimal learning by:

  • Providing innovative, multidisciplinary instruction emphasizing the development of knowledge, values, and broadly based experiences.
  • Integrating teaching, research, and service within and among our disciplines while maintaining the ethical practices and uniqueness of each program.
  • Promoting and modeling social responsibility and social justice.
  • Promoting and modeling community involvement through collaboration, teaching, research, and service.
  • Exercising leadership through exemplary and innovative programs.

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