Environmental Science Courses

ENS 150 - Introduction to Environmental Science (2 hours)
Introduces Environmental Science majors to critical concepts in Environmental Science Fields focusing on broad topics such as hypothesis testing, library research, and ethics in science. Exposes students to ENS concentration areas (biology, physics and chemistry) focusing specifically on how these areas are integral to problem solving in environmental science. Prerequisite: ENS major

ENS 307 - Science and Politics of Global Climate Change (3 hours)
Core Curr. MI
The complex problem of global climate change will be explored by connecting knowledge and perspectives from the natural and social sciences, concentrating particularly on the links between atmospheric and terrestrial sciences and international studies/political science. Cross-listed with IS 307. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor.

ENS 470 - Environmental Science Capstone (1-3 hours)
This course is intended primarily as a required element of the Environmental Science Major (ENS-B, ENS-C, ENS-P) program at Bradley University. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics majors with interest in environmental fields may find the content of interest. The course will be exceedingly challenging for students without a science background or the desire to engage in the primary scientific literature surrounding environmental issues. The course may be repeated up to 3 hours with different topics. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior ENS major or consent of instructor.