Center for Student Development and Transitional Services

  • Academic Exploration Program
  • Academic Advisement
  • Orientation
  • First-Year Experience Courses
  • Office for Transfer Assistance

The Center for Student Development and Transitional Services is designed to provide opportunities and assistance to all students to help them achieve their personal and educational goals. Beginning with an introduction to the university environment at an orientation program, students are subsequently provided with opportunities to investigate and explore new academic areas of interest, academic advisement, and tools for their successful acclimation to Bradley, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Academic Exploration Program (AEP), one part of the university’s academic advisement program, provides direction to approximately 10–15% of the incoming freshman class. In addition to individual diagnostic evaluations and course sampling, special advisement services are provided to help students begin understanding the implications of their educational and career interest.

The Center for Orientation and Advisement provides 12 freshman orientation sessions in the summer and multiple transfer programs throughout the year. These orientation programs are specifically designed to help new students and their parents, guardians, or supporters successfully transition into Bradley University from a high school, community college, or other four-year university setting.

The First-Year Experience course (EHS 120) is offered to all incoming freshmen and transfer students in order to connect them to campus and increase awareness of the academic support systems and plethora of social opportunities on campus.

The Office for Transfer Student Assistance (OTSA) provides opportunities, support, and services for the undergraduate transfer student population. OTSA offers general academic advice, support for the residential transfer community, campus resources and referrals, social opportunities to connect transfer students, and an exclusive transfers-only section of EHS 120. Student feedback and suggestions are provided to OTSA by the Transfer Student Advisory Council—a group of transfer student volunteers who meet to assess and evaluate transfer student needs in relation to the support and services being provided by the University.