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Religious Studies

FACULTY Professor Fuller; Associate Professor Getz, Kelley (chair), Zaborowski; Assistant Professor Oliver.

The primary concern of the program is for the undergraduate student who would elect study in this significant area of human culture and life. A comprehensive and non-sectarian program of studies is provided to meet the special interests and needs of all students. The program is also appropriate for students electing a major in religious studies with the intention of preparing for matriculation for the Master of Arts degree in religious studies (or religion) at another institution.


To major in religious studies a student must:

  1. complete not less than 24 semester hours in religious studies, including not less than 20 in courses numbered 200 or above; and
  2. have a grade point average exceeding 2.0 in all religious studies courses numbered 200 or above;
  3. select a member of the religious studies faculty as an academic advisor in order to plan the choice and sequence of religious studies courses; and
  4. complete the all-University course requirements and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences course requirements.

Religious studies majors may earn either a B.S. or B.A. degree. Religious studies majors intending to pursue a graduate degree in religious studies, however, are urged to fulfill the B.A. requirements.


To minor in Religious Studies a student must:

  1. complete not less than 15 semester hours in Religious Studies;
  2. have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all Religious Studies courses;
  3. select a member of the Religious Studies faculty as an academic advisor in order to plan a coherent course of study developed according to the needs and interest of the student.


Ethics Minor

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies also offers a minor in ethics. For more information, see Ethics Minor.