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The Degree
The Entrepreneurship major prepares students to own, manage, or work successfully in small and emerging businesses, or to enhance their value in large organizations. The major helps students understand the functional areas of business and apply the theory to the unique situations found in small or growing ventures. Entrepreneurship is a dynamic major that exposes students to a wide variety of business concepts. Course work is designed to introduce students to the nature of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship by addressing the many, varied areas of business management, marketing, finance, economics, business law, and accounting.

Bradley's Foster College of Business has earned accreditation by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). AACSB accreditation assures that the school is committed to continued improvement and quality in the area of business.

Students in Bradley’s Entrepreneurship program are exposed to a wide variety of faculty expertise. In addition to teaching, many instructors consult and are involved in local business development. This practical experience is brought into the classroom.

Some of the research interests of Bradley’s Business faculty include:

  • growth strategies
  • strategic planning
  • e-commerce
  • quality management
  • entrepreneurship
  • ethics

Outside of the classroom, Bradley Entrepreneurship majors enjoy many cocurricular and cooperative learning experiences including:

  • Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO)
  • Enactus

The Foster College of Business sponsors five Business Centers, including a Center for Entrepreneurship, that expose students to the practical applications of “real world” business. The Peoria community also provides a number of co-op and internship opportunities for entrepreneurship students.

Working in teams, entrepreneurship students serve as consultants to real business clients. Students perform numerous activities for their clients, such as designing business plans or analyzing markets. These projects provide students with invaluable real world experiences of reasoning, problem solving, decision-making, and professional communication.

Beyond Bradley
Students in this major are prepared to research new product or service ideas, determine their feasibility, and develop business plans necessary to launch a business, a new product, or a new service. They also develop the skills to operate a business once it is started, grow the business, and eventually sell it or pass it on to the next generation. Students with an entrepreneurship major are also prepared for careers in consulting or working within almost any dynamic business environment.