The Degree
The Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers an undergraduate curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. The Department has a long tradition of excellence at Bradley, having been accredited by the American Chemical Society since 1949. The Biochemistry major prepares students for success in a variety of post-graduate endeavors, including:

  • immediate employment
    • forensic scientist
    • laboratory technician
    • pharmaceutical sales
  • graduate/professional school
    • S./Ph.D. (e.g. biochemistry, chemistry, cellular/molecular biology)
    • medicine
    • dental
    • law

The biochemistry curriculum melds the fields of chemistry and biology so that students may understand biology so that students may understand biological systems at the molecular level. BCM majors are qualified for graduate study in a variety of areas ranging from chemistry to molecular biophysics, as well as careers in biomedical research, biotechnology, or pharmaceuticals. BCM is often the major of choice for individuals planning a career as a medical doctor or veterinarian.

Bradley’s Distinctive Approach
Our students are able to interact on an individual basis with faculty members in well-equipped classroom and laboratories. Bradley Biochemistry majors also have a host of opportunities outside of the classroom to help prepare them to enter the workplace or to pursue further study at the graduate or professional level. Opportunities include:

  • collaborative research with a faculty member
  • cooperative education assignments
  • teaching assistant in undergraduate laboratory courses
  • tutoring
  • Chemistry Club
  • Study abroad

The majority of biochemistry majors participate in collaborative research projects during their time at Bradley, some beginning freshman year. Many students conduct research on campus, under the supervision of Bradley faculty members. A significant number of students also conduct research at the United States Department of Agriculture facility located just a mile from campus. In both cases, students gain valuable experience that puts them at a competitive advantage in the job market or graduate school placement.

Beyond Bradley
Bradley Biochemistry graduates enjoy a 100 percent placement rate. In addition, every Bradley Biochemistry graduate that has applied to graduate school has been admitted with a graduate assistantship or fellowship providing both a tuition waiver and a cost of living stipend. Biochemistry graduates have pursued Ph.D. studies at various universities including

Washington University, University of North Carolina, University of Iowa, Northwestern University, and University of Wisconsin.