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The Degree
Bradley’s Department of Biology offers a single biology major leading to an undergraduate degree with the possibility of receiving a concentration in cell and molecular biology-preprofessional, ecology and evolutionary biology, secondary teaching or medical technology. The purpose of the program is to prepare graduates to comprehend and utilize the interdisciplinary nature of scientific investigation, and emphasizes active, investigative learning techniques. Programs are designed for students interested in:

  • cell biology and biotechnology
  • medical and environmental physiology
  • ecology and evolutionary science
  • organismal biology
  • genetics
  • high school science teacher
  • medicine
  • dentistry
  • veterinary medicine
  • environmental science

The undergraduate program offers experimentation in:

  • animal physiology
  • behavioral ecology
  • evolution
  • cell biology
  • ecology
  • plant population biology
  • immunology
  • microbiology
  • molecular genetics
  • neurobiology

Bradley’s Distinctive Approach
Bradley’s Biology Department provides an inquiry-based curriculum, so that students learn how to take content and apply that knowledge toward understanding biological principles. The recent performance of Bradley Biology students on the Major Field Aptitude test exceeds the average score of Biology graduates at other institutions. This suggests that the inquiry-based approach leads to content retention and application ability.

Students in the Department of Biology are permitted to apply up to 12 hours of research toward their 124 hours required to graduate. More than 70% of Biology majors take research credit at some point during their studies. The department has developed and implemented the Biology Mentors Program for well-prepared freshmen and sophomores. This year-long course includes classroom and demonstration instruction of scientific methods and scientific ethics. Students rotate through a series of faculty members’ research labs, and then are assigned to a faculty member to undertake supervised research.

Bradley offers an integrated, accelerated, research-intensive five-year Bachelor’s/Master’s (B.S./M.S.) program in biology that provides opportunities for students to start work on a master’s of science while completing requirements for the B.S.

Beyond Bradley
Bradley Biology graduates have enjoyed a 95% acceptance rate over the past five years into professional schools, including medical, dental, and veterinary programs, and a 98% acceptance rate into graduate programs.

Graduate schools to which Biology majors have been accepted in the last five years include:

  • Benedictine University
  • Kent State University
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Louisville
  • University of North Carolina

Graduates enjoy a high acceptance at a number of professional schools as well, including:

  • Creighton University (dental)
  • Northwestern University (medical)
  • Rush University (medical)
  • University of Illinois (medical and veterinary)
  • Southern Illinois University (medical)
  • University of Missouri (veterinary)