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The Degree
Bradley’s Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CS&IS) offers an undergraduate curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Both programs prepare students by giving them a firm foundation in computer programming and share five common courses at their core. Both also receive a breadth of knowledge by taking courses in Computer Architecture, Databases, Networking and Software Engineering.

Computer Science (CS) majors have more rigorous math requirements and they are required to take one CS course in computability and formal language theory. Computer Information Science (CIS) majors are required to take courses in Web Systems and Technologies, Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, and Integrative Programming and Technologies. CS and CIS majors can take courses in either discipline as electives. The major difference between the two programs is that CS students may be better prepared for graduate school or for careers requiring mathematical or scientific programming because they have taken more math courses.

The department’s curriculum meets the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) guidelines. A number of new courses in computer security, computer game technology, systems integration, have been added. Students can specialize in a specific area of computer science and computer information systems by taking a “concentration” in either Computer Game Technology, Mobile Computing or Software, Web, and Computer Security; this includes opportunities to take courses in a new joint program with the Department of Interactive Media in computer game technology.

Faculty and student collaboration is encouraged. Students in the program have the opportunity to work directly with a faculty member on independent research. The department has ten faculty members who regularly publish papers, conduct scholarly research, and receive funded grants to enhance their focus on scholarly teaching.

At Bradley, students are working directly with faculty members on the following types of research projects:

  • using robots to teach social skills to Autistic children
  • intelligent systems
  • data warehousing for medical informatics
  • data warehousing for forest science
  • software engineering
  • streaming multimedia technology
  • web-based teaching technologies data mining

Bradley’s Distinctive Approach
Bradley Computer Science and Computer Information Systems majors have many different types of learning experiences from which to choose, including:

  • joining the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM),
  • obtaining internships through the Smith Career Center, which allows students to receive real-world business experience as an undergraduate and receive college credit, and
  • Senior Capstone Project with the Smithsonian Institute over the past ten years.

Beyond Bradley
Computer science and computer information systems graduates are employed by a variety of industries and non-profit organizations as software engineers and developers, system administrators and developers, software test engineers, network analysts, system analysts, data analysts, and database developers and administrators.

Bradley CS and CIS graduates enjoy an excellent placement rate. Many gain career-related experience through internships and often get full-time employment offers from their intern employers. Recent graduates have held internships or accepted full-time positions with employers such as Accenture, Allstate, Caterpillar, Inc., Discover Financial, John Deere, JP Morgan, Microsoft and Siemens.