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The Degree
Bradley’s Department of World Languages and Cultures offers an undergraduate curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in French. Bradley emphasizes the applied skills of speaking the language and understanding the language when it is spoken by a native in ordinary conversation. Students may choose from a wide variety of course offerings, including:

  • literature and linguistics
  • translation
  • culture
  • commercial courses

French majors take a minimum of eight approved courses at the 200-level or above.

The department offers small classes where students receive personal attention. Some of the specialized interests of Bradley’s French faculty include:

  • transcribing/translating for a set of Simone de Beauvoir’s previously published notes
  • translating masterpieces of French literature
  • phonetics
  • commercial French

If a student in the program finds a subject of interest such as literature or linguistics that they would like to explore further, Bradley provides students with the option of participating in an Independent Study in that area of interest. An Independent Study class involves coursework completed individually with a professor as the student gains knowledge of the area of interest.

Bradley’s Distinctive Approach
Outside of the classroom, Bradley French majors enjoy many co-curricular and cooperative learning experiences, including:

  • Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Language Honor Society)
  • French Club
  • Global Friends at Bradley University
  • Study Abroad      
  • Conversation Table

Study Abroad
Students who major or minor in French are strongly encouraged to study abroad through one of Bradley’s approved programs. Working and living in a foreign culture is an experience that is recognized not only for its benefits in learning a foreign language, but also considered an integral part of learning the history, economics, and customs of a foreign nation. Some directed institutions where French students choose to study abroad include:

  • University of Haute Bretagne (Rennes, France)
  • University of Paris III (Paris, France)
  • Central College (Paris, France)
  • Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers (Angers, France)

Beyond Bradley
Bradley French majors enjoy an excellent placement rate. Students who graduate with foreign language majors go on to careers in:

  • education
  • international business or industry
  • cultural or social services