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The Program
Bradley students who are interested in attending law school are admitted to a variety of academic majors at Bradley and use resources offered at Bradley to prepare for admission to law school after completing an undergraduate degree. Students who plan to attend law school after earning their degree at Bradley may complete any major. Students are encouraged to complete their major in a program that excites them and in which they can succeed.

Law schools do not require any particular undergraduate major, preferring a broad academic background instead. In addition to the requirements of a chosen academic major, students who are interested in attending law school are advised to take courses that focus on:

  • oral and written expression
  • social perspective
  • law-related subjects such as Political Science, American History, Business, Economics, and Psychology
  • logic-based classes, such as Philosophy 102

In addition to working with faculty within their specific major area, students who are interested in attending law school also receive guidance from the Acting Pre-law Director, Dr. R. Craig Curtis who will help them in preparing for law school candidacy. Dr. Curtis also teaches PLW 290/390, “Participation in Mock Trial” and PLW 300, “Internship in Pre-Law”.

Opportunities at Bradley
The Pre-Law Club and Mock Trial Team are two additional resources for students at Bradley. The Pre-Law Club conducts a wide variety of activities related to legal careers and admission to law schools. Students participating on the Mock Trial Team try hypothetical cases in competitions against students from other colleges and universities. In addition, Bradley provides a law and law school reference library in the Pre-Law Center located in 239 Bradley Hall.

Washington Semester and Study Abroad Opportunities
Students interested in attending law school are encouraged to take advantage of internships and study abroad opportunities. Internships are available at all levels of U.S. government and in foreign government and international organizations. Bradley also offers a Washington Semester Program in cooperation with American University in Washington, D.C.

Beyond Bradley
One measure of the success of Bradley’s students is their placement into the nation’s best law schools. In recent years, Bradley graduates have been admitted to programs generally recognized as “Top 10” Law Schools.