Bradley's connected campus offers state-of-the-art computer labs, high-tech classrooms, wireless hot spots, and direct access to the Internet from every residence hall room. Wherever you are at Bradley, you can e-mail assignments to professors, chat online with friends, or download files. You can also find the specialized software and equipment that will prepare you for your future after Bradley.

In the Classroom

Technology is available throughout our academic programs. Robotics and rapid prototyping labs, digital audio and video editing suites, television and radio studios, mediated performance and practice facilities—all are integral parts of the undergraduate learning experience.

In the Residence Hall

There is no need to leave your room to stay plugged in. Every residence hall room comes with a high speed connection for two students to the Internet. You could go to one of our numerous campus computer labs, but you need not leave your room to download research, email, game, or finish your class assignments.


Bradley is now one of only three private, non-doctoral institutions in the Nation with a connection to Internet2—an ultra-high-speed network that is used exclusively for research, development, and intellectual collaboration. Utilizing this technology, our students and faculty have collaborated in real time with Hollywood screenwriters, world-class musicians, and a variety of other experts without ever leaving campus.

Technology Resources for New Students

Looking for computer recommendations? Want to buy a computer with student discounts through Bradley? Have other technology related questions? Visit the New Student Technology section of Bradley's Technology HelpDesk web site for answers to these questions and many more and check the Frequently Asked Questions.