Bradley Outcomes

Bradley graduates are successful! On average, 92 percent of Bradley's graduates seeking a job or admission to graduate school accepted positions within six months of graduation. More than 20 percent of Bradley’s undergraduate students enter graduate school directly after graduation.

Bradley’s Smith Career Center’s staff assists students in exploring and defining career options, setting up internships, and preparing for their job search or graduate school. From resume writing workshops to job fairs on campus, the Smith Career Center is an important part of every Bradley student’s experience.

  • Bradley students completed more than 920 internships with more than 390 employers
  • More than 350 employers recruited on the Bradley campus

Employers visit the Bradley campus each year to participate in job fairs and conduct interviews with candidates. They are eager to hire Bradley students because of the many skills and attributes that were developed during their years at Bradley. Career-related experiences, leadership positions, team projects, computer expertise and communication skills are part of the resumes of most Bradley students and are viewed very favorably by employers. 

You can learn more about the services and opportunities offered at the Smith Career Center.