Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA Alumni Alliance

To be a catalyst for the Executive MBA program by promoting candidate recruiting, curriculum development, lifelong learning, and alumni engagement.

The Goals and Objectives of EMBA Alumni Alliance:

  • Leverage alumni network to promote candidate recruiting and development
  • Collaborate with faculty/staff on curriculum development and instruction
  • Support alumni with employment opportunities
  • Promote lifelong learning by offering continuing education
  • Strengthen alumni connections through events and financial support

Executive Committee

Ali Sours ’14

Rob Johannsen ’04
Eric Sary ’17

Alumni Engagement Committee

Rob Carbone ’15
Vickie Clark ’11
Shelly Heiden ’85

Events Committee

Misty Dykema ’04
Communication Committee

At Large Members

  • Rob Carbone ’15
  • Vickie Clark ’11
  • Misty Dykema ’08
  • Shelly Heiden ’15
  • Rob Johannsen ’04
  • Lesley Matuszak ’13
  • Eric Sary ’17
  • Carrie Soderstrom ’11