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QuickBooks: Advanced

This advanced training of QuickBooks will provide a scalable solution to grow your business. Take it to the next level. Work smarter, faster, and be more productive with less stress.

You will learn:

  • Basic reporting options
  • Creating reports to answer common questions and help you make good business decisions
  • Customizing and managing reports
  • Advanced features No cost to attend.

Our Speaker:

Grant Seshul is owner of APEX US Financial which was founded in 2019. The firm provides a variety of consulting services and traditional CPA compliance with a non-traditional approach. We are passionate about partnering with business owners and personnel to be a trusted advisor - bringing a growth mindset, knowledge of best practices, and new ways to approach tough problems. Grant Seshul has a 25-year career supporting organizational growth and competitiveness. Before starting APEX, Grant was a CFO of an international manufacturing and service company. Prior experience includes working in a variety of leadership roles for Caterpillar, Cat Financial, and KPMG.

QuickBooks: Advanced

June 16

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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