Get Fit, Stay Fit

Sign up and start earning points by scanning into Markin!! Only one point can be logged per day regardless of how many entries one makes into Markin throughout the day.  If you haven't registered already, then please log in to MyBU to do so. Click on MY INFO and one of the drop down options will read GET FIT STAY FIT USER. This will direct you to another page where you can follow the directions from there to register.


You must register each school year (not calendar year). Visit the Sakai site after you register to stay up to date with Get Fit, Stay Fit information.

Program Description

Get Fit, Stay Fit is an incentive program developed collaboratively by several Bradley University Departments to challenge the Bradley University Community to become more active and make better nutritional decisions. The following departments have contributed to the development of the program: Bradley Dining Services (ARAMARK), the Wellness Office, Health and Counseling Services, Campus Recreation and Athletic Facilities, Academic Succes Center and Student Access Center, the Dietetics Department, the Physical Therapy Department, the Body Project, and Late Night BU. Our mission statement is "Get Fit, Stay Fit is a program developed collaboratively by campus departments to challenge the Bradley University community to become more active and make healthy nutritional decisions. The program is driven by self-motivation, challenging the individual to achieve personal goals at their own pace. Get Fit, Stay Fit encourages and believes in becoming a healthier you."

Who is the program designed for?

All Bradley Students and Faculty/Staff are encouraged to participate. IT'S FREE!

What are the dates for the program?

The program will run from the first day of class to the last day of class each semester. After the last day of class, points will no longer be tallied until the first day of class the next semester. Get Fit, Stay Fit incentive program is not offered throughout the summer months. Participants are welcomed and encouraged to register and join during any point throughout the Fall or Spring semester. Every semester the program will reset points, however registration is only necessary every school year.

What are the program details?

The program has been designed to promote healthy lifestyle decisions. A point system has been created to track each individual’s participation. Participants will be able to score points by working out, answering the question in the weekly newsletter, or by coming to specific Get Fit, Stay Fit functions, such as the Fit Fair. Incentive items will be given for several different point levels. This is not a competition, and it will not be necessary for individuals to be weighed or measured at any time. This program is entirely participation based, and in most cases you will be on your own to check in and maintain your own record.

Where do I register?

Registration for Get Fit, Stay Fit is all online at MyBU. Once you log in to your MyBU, click on MY INFO and one of the drop down options will read GET FIT STAY FIT USER. This will direct you to another page where you can follow the directions from there to register. You will then be able to track your points from this page!

Where do I sign in to maintain my individual record and can I workout at another facility and still participate?

Track your own points online under the Get Fit, Stay Fit tab in MyBU. Individual files for each participant will be created and maintained at the Campus Recreation Office. Swipe your ID to get into Markin in order to receive your Get Fit, Stay Fit point for the day. Attendance at various Get Fit, Stay Fit events will be maintained by a sign in sheet. Unfortunately, you cannot receive points without scanning into Markin.  If you plan on going for a run outside or some other outdoor workout, just pass through Markin before and scan your ID.

What are the levels for the motivational items?

  • 20 points = Items vary each semester
  • 35 points = Items vary each semester
  • 50 points = Items vary each semester
  • >60 points = Entry into end of year raffle drawing on Study Day during the middle of the day. Names drawn from this group will receive fun prizes, including a locker certificate for the Markin Center and other fitness related products.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?

Please direct all questions to and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

More facts and information on Sakai or Campus Recreation website. Faculty and staff that currently do not wish to use Sakai, please contact GFSF for further assistance. 

How can I stay connected?

You can check Sakai for important announcements and great power points to stay informed about the latest health information. Also, make sure you like our page on Facebook,, or follow us on Twitter,