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Racquetball Singles

Registration Information

Entry deadline:  Oct. 21, 2015

Fee:  $2 per person

Leagues:  Men's/Women's

Divisions:  Men's or Women's

Play starts:  TBD



Registration forms can be found online or in the Campus Recreation office, Markin 120. Payment is due at the time of registration for all Men's or CoRec teams. Women's teams are free. After making your payment in the Campus Recreation office, team captains will be required to register their team on IMLeagues.com. If you have issues with IMLeagues, please contact Jeff Kauther. 

There will be no captain's meeting that captains will have to attend. There will be an online quiz that will cover information for the league. If captain's fail to complete the quiz before the season starts, they will be removed from the league.