Protest Procedure

Allowable Protests

Allowable protests include: player eligibility, rule interpretation, and rule application. Official’s decisions, interpretations, judgments, or applications may not be protested beyond the limits imposed by the rules of the game or event (i.e., prior to the next pitch, prior to the next serve, prior to the ball becoming live following the call in question, etc.). Decisions regarding disciplinary actions may not be protested.

Eligibility Protests

All eligibility protests must be brought to the attention of the on-site Intramural representative and filed in writing with the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports by 1 p.m. the day following the game in question. While at the game site, suspected eligibility infractions should be brought to the attention of the Intramural official.

Rule Application and Interpretations

Team captains/managers must lodge their protest to the game official(s) prior to the next pitch, serve, play, etc. following the call in question. The official must then notify the opposing team captain/manager that the game is under protest. The game officials shall meet to discuss the ruling of the call. If the captain/manager still wants to protest the call, the manager must tell the official that the team is playing the remainder of the game under protest. The game should be stopped immediately to record important basic information. The team then has until 1 p.m. the day following the game to file a written protest to the Intramural Office. Winning teams may not file written protests concerning rule applications or interpretations.

Written Protest

Written protest should contain the following basic information:

  • Name, address, and phone number of person filing the protest
  • Specific information concerning the incident (i.e. eligibility restriction violated, names of players involved, rules misapplied, etc.)

Be sure to inform the Intramural official on-site that the protest will be filed. Upon receipt of the protest by the Intramural Sports Department, the information contained in the protest will be clarified and sufficient time, not to exceed 24 hours, will be allowed for contacting other involved personnel (i.e., officials, spectators, and members of the opposing team or the individual in violation). When the staff is satisfied that the necessary information has been gathered, an administrative decision will be made as to whether or not the protest is upheld or denied.

If protest is upheld…

  1. If a protest is upheld and a game is replayed, all eligible players on the team’s roster may participate in the game; 
  2. If the game is a playoff game, the players must meet the eligibility requirements under the Articles of Eligibility.