Rescheduling Games Procedure

The Intramural office is well aware that the scheduling of intramural events can create a number of unforeseen conflicts for the team or individual. Whenever this occurs, the department is willing to work out viable conflicts with both parties involved. However, when a conflict cannot be resolved, the following alternatives must be adhered to:

  1. The team manager or captain wanting to reschedule must contact the Intramural Sports Office for available dates and times to reschedule the game.
  2. When a scheduling conflict involves one team or individual, the opposing team or individual may decide whether or not to reschedule the contest.
  3. If the opposing player or team does not elect to reschedule the contest, the game will be played at the date and time it was originally scheduled.
  4. If both teams are agreeable to reschedule a match, it must be in accordance and agreement with the Intramural Sports Program and dependent upon the availability of existing facility space and personnel. The captain wishing to reschedule will contact the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports for available times via email. The Assistant Director will then email the captain the available dates and times. The captain is then responsible to contact the other team’s captain and decide on a date and time that works for both teams, if possible. Both captains must email the Assistant Director informing him or her of the rescheduled game 24 hours in advance of the originally scheduled contest. The rescheduled process needs to be completed during weekday office hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). In the case of a game scheduled on Sunday or Monday, the rescheduling process must be completed by 5 p.m. on the preceding Friday.
  5. In the case of inclement weather, the Intramural Sports Office will be the final authority on whether the contest will be played as scheduled. On the field, the official will determine whether play will continue.