Free Agents

No team? Still want to play Intramurals? Sign up as a FREE AGENT!

Individuals who do not have either a full team or do not know of any teams to join for a sport are considered a “free agent”. There are multiple ways we try to get students on a team to participate during a sports season. As much as we want to get everybody playing the sport, there will be times when a connection just doesn't work out. Check out our suggested ways to get involved below.

NOTE: This does not guarantee that you will be placed on a team. While we try everything possible to either create a Free Agent team or set you up with a team needing players, sometimes it isn’t possible. Anyone interested in playing should do their best to either join or form a team on their own.

How to sign up as a Free Agent

  1. Go to
  2. Login or create an account using your school email (students:; staff:
  3. Select a sport, then a league for the sport
  4. Click on JOIN AS A FREE AGENT
  5. Click the accept button on the waiver
  6. Click the accept button on the waiver

Some teams have indicated in IMLeagues that they are looking for Free Agents.

To try and join one of these teams:

  1. Click on JOIN TEAM for a team indicating they’re looking for free agents
  2. Click the Accept button on the waiver