Bradley Advocating for Diversity (B.A.D.)

Bradley Advocating for Diversity (B.A.D.) is peer education program that aims to initiate and facilitate dialogue within the campus community about personal and social identity, diversity, and strategies to become agents of social change

B.A.D. aims to foster and contribute to a welcoming campus community at Bradley University by challenging all students to think critically about the roles they play socially, personally, and environmentally to effect change or perpetuate oppression. By encouraging students to become cultural competent leaders who are confident interacting and leading change within diverse communities, B.A.D. will serve as a great leadership tool that will prepare students for the global workforce by initiating these conversations.

B.A.D. has multiple components to fulfill its mission:

  • EHS 120 Presentations
  • On-demand Workshops
  • Intergroup Dialogue Program
  • Hot Topic Round tables

EHS 120 Courses

B.A.D. focuses primarily on initiating discussions about diversity, identity, and social structures through the University Experience course (EHS 120). Student leaders serving as Peer Educators will facilitate these sessions with their peers. Through initiating these critical conversations early on in a student's college career, B.A.D. is aiming to foster an environment at Bradley University that encourages communication and discussion on topics that create a more welcoming, aware, and inclusive community

On-demand Workshops

B.A.D. offers a variety of workshops that can be requested by the campus community at any time. These workshops include:

  • Diversity 101:
    Exploring what diversity means through basic definitions, discussions, and examples
  • Who am I:
    Exploring personal and social identity group membership and how they influence people's actions
  • Privilege, Power, and Oppression:
    Exploring the realities of privilege, power, and oppression

Intergroup Dialogue Program

B.A.D. piloted an intergroup dialogue program during Spring 2017. This multi-week program will allow students to engage in meaningful dialogue across multiple weeks. Participation is limited to 6-8 students per session, once or twice a semester depending on availability of facilitators and interest of students

Hot Topic Round tables

Providing students with spaces to discuss current events and relevant topic areas, Peer Educators will host monthly Hot Topic Round tables open to the campus community to dialogue about diversity issues openly

Peer Educators

Peer Educators are student leaders who will help actualize the mission of this program through facilitating discussions with their peers. Peer Educators are hired every spring semester. Peer Educators who will be responsible for facilitating a variety of workshops throughout the campus community

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Peer Educator?

  • Volunteer/Service Opportunity and Hours
  • Personal and Professional Learning Experience
  • Hone Public Speaking Skills and Facilitation Skills
  • Develop Understanding of Cultural Competency, the Implications of Identity, and How Privilege and Oppression Impact Your Day to Day Interactions and Social Systems

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