Class Scheduling Process

Most incoming students will talk to an advisor prior to coming to Orientation. After that meeting, the students will be added to required classes in their major as well as required supporting math and science courses. At orientation, students will register for their remaining courses with the support of the Orientation team and University staff. Specialty advisors will be present to help students with World Language and Cultures courses and Honors-program classes.

During Orientation, we will work with students to make this process as seamless as possible. There are tasks that students should complete prior to their session to make the class selection process easier.

Take The Math Assessment ASAP

Some majors require math and/or chemistry courses their first semester. These classes will be added before Orientation, but only for students who have taken the math assessment and, if needed, the prep and learning module.

Other students may not be in majors where they have to take math right away, but if they decide to change their major to one that requires additional math and/or science courses, a math assessment score will be needed ASAP.

Students will have three attempts to take the math assessment and get their desired score. If students need to take the math placement test more than once, there is a required 10-hour prep and learning module before the second attempt. Both the prep and learning module and any additional test attempts should be completed before Orientation. This will result in the most updated assessment score and proper math and science placement.

When ready to take the math assessment please visit Step #4 on our main page.

Take The World Language Assessment (if you are interested in pursuing or continuing a World Language)

Students with a major that requires a World Language such as International Business and International Studies, those who are looking to complete a Bachelor of Art degree, and/or those who wish to continue studying the same World Language must complete this assessment. Unlike the math assessment, students will only take this assessment once and it is recommended to wait until closer to the end of any course you are taking that will aid you in achieving a higher score. At Orientation interested students will meet with a faculty member from World Languages and Cultures to talk about their assessment score in order to determine which language class is the best fit.

When ready to take the world language assessment please visit Step #4 on our main page.

Have transcripts or be knowledgeable of courses you may bring in for credit

If you have completed AP, IB, Dual Credit, or other college level coursework that will transfer into Bradley, please make sure Bradley is in possession of these transcripts ASAP. If you are currently taking coursework that can transfer into Bradley, let your advisor and the staff at Orientation know to avoid being put into courses you have already taken.

During Orientation, representatives from Athletics, World Languages and Cultures, Health Professions Advising Center, Center for Legal Studies, Honors Program and the scheduling team will be available to help you build the best fall semester schedule. Students that have access to a laptop computer or tablet are encouraged to bring their device with them for the scheduling process. We will have some laptops on hand as well.