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Frequently Asked Questions

When will students receive orientation information?

Students will receive an email encouraging them to pay their enrollment fee, and register for a summer Orientation session by Undergraduate Admission. Once they have paid their Enrollment Fee, students and parents/families/supporters will receive an Orientation registration letter in the mail. Included will be instructions on how to activate their BUnetID and password and where to register for their preferred session on the orientation website.

How do I activate my BUnetID and create a password?

The Orientation registration letter that students receive in the mail informs them of the process to activate their BUnetID and password. There is now a tutorial that is located under Step One on the orientation website. Students MUST activate their BUnetID and set their password BEFORE the Orientation registration option will appear on their Bradley Bound status page. Activating their BUnetID and setting a password will also allow them to take the math assessment, register for classes at Orientation and check their e-mail.

How can I make a payment or make a change to my reservation?

If you have registered for Orientation you were asked to make your payment online with your credit or debit card. Please allow 48 hours for your payment to be credited to your account. Please do not email or fax credit card information. Your student may edit many details of their orientation reservation by logging back in and making their own changes (switching into and out of another session, updating dietary and special needs) but in order to add or remove a family member at any point or if they need to make ANY changes to their reservation within 14 days they must contact the Orientation office at or at (309) 677-2420.

When will orientation sessions 1-12 start and end?

Check-in takes place between 10am-12 noon at Williams Hall with the program starting at 1pm. Check-in will take 5-10 minutes and however much time is needed to put belongings into the room(s). Come as early as you would like but know there is nothing else going on during check-in if you are finished by 10:30am. Lunch is on your own.

Closing Ceremonies ends between 12:30-12:45 pm. We ask that the students and parents be checked out of the residence halls by 2 p.m. If dorm keys are not turned in by then we will have to bill you due to the quick turnaround time of the next session. If you need to leave early you may drop off your key(s), lanyard and key card in Sisson Hall 141, with a Student Aide or in the drop box in the residence hall stayed in.

When will orientation session #13 start and end?

Check-in takes place between 9am-12 noon at Bradley Hall (in front of Neumiller Lecture Hall) with the program starting at 1pm. Families should come and check-in with Orientation first. Student Aides will then escort students over to Swords Hall to get their Bradley ID cards so they can gain access into their residence hall. Families can then walk over to their student’s residence hall and check in there. This could be the largest amount of time families will have to do this over the next two and a half days so it is encouraged for you to arrive earlier if possible. A $40 activities fee will be issued once students check into their residence hall and can only be paid with cash or check. Lunch is on your own.

Why is orientation 2 and 1/2 days long?

We realize that 2 and 1/2 days is a big commitment for all attending. Going to college is a very big step in a person's life and during Orientation; we want to make that transition as smooth as possible. We will have these 2 and 1/2 days jam-packed with activities, informational meetings, and social events. Please refer to the schedule under Step #5 on the Orientation website for more details.

Why is orientation necessary?

At Bradley, we feel it is very important for incoming students to become acquainted with the campus, residential living and other students that will be attending Bradley. During summer Orientation, students will also register for fall semester classes and learn about the many organizations and facilities Bradley has to offer. Summer Orientation is MANDATORY for incoming first-year students.

Why should parents/family members/guests attend?

Bradley provides many activities specifically for parents/family members/guests in attendance. You will have the opportunity to meet others who are going through the same experience. Over 1,100 family members or supporters attended our program last year.

The student and parent/family programs are concurrently taking place. There is some overlap where families will be in session together but several where they will not be. Parents/family members/guests will attend a luncheon with the Academic Deans and attend various information sessions such as Financial Assistance, Health Services (where you can turn in your or your student’s health form) and Campus Safety.

Upon the conclusion of this 2.5 day session we frequently hear how much more comfortable or relaxed family members or guests are because they were able to speak directly with the Medical Director or the Academic Dean of their daughter’s college, or see first-hand the environment their student was going to school in, the friends they made, etc. Even “seasoned parents” with more than one student in college tell us how they wanted to come to show all of their kids that they support them even if it is the 3rd or 4th son/daughter. That said, parent/family/guest orientation is not mandatory.

When will students get their Bradley ID?

Students are encouraged to submit a photo for their Bradley ID through the QuickCard website at Your Bradley ID will be ready for pick-up when checking in at Orientation if you take advantage of this option. If students do not submit their photo through the QuickCard website, one will be taken during Orientation at no cost but a gov’t issued ID will be needed if the ID was not submitted previously. Otherwise, they can get their ID when they return in the fall but it is highly encouraged to do so during Orientation.

Where will students live during Orientation?

All students (except those that come to the August session) will stay in one of our on-campus residence halls. The exact location has not been determined yet so please continue to check back. Men and women are on separate floors with Student Aides/Orientation Leaders on each floor.

Temporary swipe-cards, keys and lanyards are given to students as they check-in for Orientation and are used for access to the building and their rooms. Students attending the very last Orientation session in August will move directly into their assigned residence halls for the year. If a student loses a key, they will need to contact a Student Aide during the program (309-657-5253) or come to or call the Orientation office.

Where can parents/family members/guests live during Orientation?

Guests can lodge in a separate residence hall on campus (except during Session #13 in August) or they may choose to stay in a hotel. A link to local hotel/motels can be found here.

What Do Students Bring To Orientation?

All of the students (even those living in the Peoria area) will be staying in a residence hall during Orientation. Some bedding is provided: a twin flat and fitted sheet, and a thin blanket are provided. The following items are recommended

  • Pillow (not provided)
  • Extra Blanket (optional for personal comfort only)
  • Extra towel (optional for personal comfort)
  • Toiletries such as shower sandals and personal dental needs
  • Casual clothing and shoes (students will have access to the Markin Family Student Recreation Center)
  • Government-issued photo ID (MANDATORY in order to obtain your Bradley Photo ID)
  • Extra money for souvenirs and snacks (meals will be provided)
  • Sweater/sweatshirt (temperatures in different buildings vary and can be quite cool)
  • Alarm

What off-campus programming occurs for parents/family members/guests?

There will be an optional social at the Fieldhouse in Campustown on the first evening of the program and an off-campus dinner at Alexander's Steakhouse, which is free for parents and guests that registered for the orientation program on the middle day.

What is the number of students in each session?

There are approximately 85 students per Orientation session. At Bradley, we want to keep the attendance relatively low so we can give each student the individual attention he or she deserves.

Will students see parents/family/guests much?

Probably not very much. Orientation is tightly packed with separate activities, but everyone will attend the Opening Ceremony, breakfast on the second and final days, Financial Services and all sessions on the final half day.