Religious Organizations

Bradley supports a number of religious student organizations. A complete, up-to-date list of all registered student organizations is available through the Student Activities Office.

Bradley Hillel | (309) 676-0862 | Jewish

We provide a place for students to learn more about Judaism and a home away from home to celebrate Jewish holidays. It is also a place to meet and hang out with other Jewish students on campus. Updated 1/16

Seth Katz, Executive Director:

Campus Outreach  Twitter | (309) 922-9873 | Christian

Campus Outreach exists on the college campus to serve students by helping them grow in their relationships with God and develop leaders. Campus Outreach hosts many events over the year ranging from the Freshman Rim Rocker and Volley Rocker Basketball/Volleyball Tournaments and cookouts to Bible studies, Discipleship groups, and larger group spiritual meetings, called 858's. Updated 1/16

Kenny Hayes, Area Director:

Stephen Lawrence, Campus Outreach Director:

Catholic Braves  Twitter | (309) 674-0208 | Catholic

The St. Joseph Newman Center is the central location where the Catholic Braves operate their ministry. This community of believers in Christ seeks to spread the gospel message of Jesus' life, death and resurrection through the transmission of the Word of God and the Sacraments. Through their Bible studies/small groups, social events, two-by-two evangelical endeavors, and their "Reason and Religion" events, this group seeks to bring people towards a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and towards a sharing of life and love that reaches its height in the Church's celebration of the Mass. Updated 1/16

Monsignor Brian Brownsey, Priest/Chaplain:

Sam Mangieri, Campus Minister:

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship | (309) 370-8040 | Christian

Chi Alpha is a student organization on Bradley's campus (and about 300 more campuses across the globe!). We meet informally in all sorts of settings and sizes, including prayer meetings and Bible studies.

Chi Alpha is Greek for "christou apostolai", which means "Christ's Ambassadors". Our name of Chi Alpha and our mission to reconcile college students to God are both drawn from our theme verse, which says: "We are therefore Christ’s  ambassadors… we implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.” [2 Corinthians 5:20]

We are a Spirit-empowered, diverse community of believers on Bradley University's campus declaring in word and lifestyle our faith in Jesus Christ, equipped to fulfill our purpose in God’s global plan by reaching Bradley University for Jesus Christ.

Chi Alpha is a place to begin a relationship with God or strengthen your walk with Him in a growing and loving community during your college experience. Updated 1/16

Victor Nogueda, Interim Director:

Administrative Email:

Cru | (309) 229-6352 | Christian

Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. Updated 1/16

Micaiah Wilmoth, Team Leader:

Elogeme Adolphi Christian Sorority, Inc. | (309) 453-9646 | New Life Christian Church

Elogeme Adolphi Christian Sorority Inc. is a Christian based sisterhood, based upon the principles of Christ. The ultimate goal is to promote unity and teach women from all walks of life how to operate more effectively in the body of Christ. It is a Christ-Centered alternative that would enlighten women not only spiritually, but mentally, physically, economically and socially in their several abilities and potential. Updated 1/16

Administrative Email:

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 

(309) 826-2457 | Inter-denominational Christian

InterVarsity is a fun community that wants to help each other grow as Christians and to explore with students who are curious about Christianity or spirituality. We seek God as a community that is committed to the trustworthiness of the Bible and to prayer. Our greatest strength is developing student leaders of character and purpose. We love Bradley and want to serve it. Our vision statement is "students and faculty transformed, Bradley renewed, and world-changers developed." Updated 1/16

Martin Smith, Area Director:

Jewish Bradley Chabad | (309) 692-2250 | Jewish

Jewish Bradley Chabad is a warm, non-judgmental, fun, exciting, and lively place, where every Jewish student feels comfortable. It is a student's organization and a home for every Jew, regardless of affiliation or background - its belief is that "Labels are for shirts - Not for people!" Our denomination is... Jewish - all Jews together. "Where Every Jew Is Family" Updated 1/16

Rabbi Eli Langsam:

Kappa Phi  Twitter | Non-denominational Christian

Kappa Phi is a service sisterhood dedicated to service, study, sisterhood, and worship. The club is focused around empowering collegiate Christian women and reaching out to our local community. Updated 1/16

Karla Wilkinson, Advisor:

Administrative Email:

Muslim Student Association  Twitter

Bradley Muslim Student Association aims to provide Muslim students on campus with spiritual, educational, and religious resources. The MSA also aims to educate the broader campus about the Islamic tradition and aims to participate in interfaith activities with other religious organizations on campus. Updated 1/16

Administrative Email:

Orthodox Christian Fellowship 

Orthodox Christian

Orthodox Christian Fellowship is a National Organization that connects Orthodox students on college campuses, and now Bradley University. Updated 1/16

Maggie Sas, Advisor:

Ratio Christi  Twitter | (309) 712-8100 | Christian

Ratio Christi is a national campus apologetics alliance. Ratio Christi is Latin for reason of Christ. We answer objections and doubts to Christian faith with logic and reason backed by scripture. We use all available modes of study to present the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We encourage both believers and skeptics to discuss openly and ask any questions s that may lead to doubt. Updated 1/16

Ryan Foster, Chapter Director: