Panhellenic Lingo

Active Member – Chapter woman who has completed their new member education period and has been formally initiated into their chapter

Alumna – An initiated chapter woman who has graduated or withdrawn from the university

Bid – A formal, written invitation to join a chapter

Bid Night – The night chapters extend bids to Potential New Members

Central Recruitment Team – Disaffiliated women who serve as recruitment staff. They work behind the scenes to ensure that recruitment runs smoothly. The Central Recruitment team is made up of members of the Panhellenic council.

Chapter – The local group of a national sorority. 

Date Party – An event that a Sorority or Fraternity hosts where the members can invite a date to attend

Disaffiliation – When members of the Panhellenic community remove any affiliation with their chapter during the Formal Recruitment process in order to promote fairness and objectivity. Disaffiliated members cannot visit their chapter houses, wear Greek letters, or reveal their chapter affiliation in any way.

Exchange – An event where one sorority and one fraternity get together in a fun social way such as seeing a movie or playing a game

Formal – A formal dance hosted by a sorority or fraternity at an off campus location that often includes dinner

Formal Recruitment – The structured recruitment process for Panhellenic organizations which takes place in the fall semester

House Director/Manager – Sometimes called a House Mom, she is a woman who lives in the chapter house who acts as a counselor and advisor to the women. She ensures that the house runs smoothly and safely.

Initiation – The formal ceremony during which a new member becomes an active member of that chapter

Lavaliere – A necklace worn by Panhellenic women that displays their organizations letters

Legacy – A woman whose family member is an alumna or active member of a Panhellenic organization. Chapters give special consideration to legacies of their specific chapters, however, are not obligated to extend a bid to a legacy.

New Member – A member of a Panhellenic organization who has not been initiated and is therefore not an active member

New Member Education – The program that each Panhellenic organization uses to educate new members about their chapters before the new member is initiated

Philanthropy – Charitable fundraising that both sororities and fraternities participate in to help out worthwhile organizations

Potential New Member (PNM) – a non-affiliated woman participating in the recruitment process

Scholarship – An important aspect of the Greek community. Panhellenic organizations have GPA requirements to join and be initiated, and they expect their members to maintain the highest academic standard