Wyckoff Hall


934 N. Elmwood
Peoria, IL 61606

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  • Residence Hall Director: Lauren Christo
  • Community Hall Director: Emma Greenhill

Room information

For floor plans and measurements of the room, click here.

The following rooms in Wyckoff are configured slightly differently: 221, 321, 421

Every Wyckoff room has one extra long mattress and one standard twin mattress.  The loft set-up only allows for one extra long mattress per room.  Roommates will have to decide who gets what mattress.  An extra long mattress is only 3” longer than a standard twin mattress. 

Cost- 2017-2018 

  • $2,980per semester (Double room charge)
  • $2,175 per semester (Meal Plan)
  • Total housing cost for 9 months during school year $10,310

Floor Plan

Ceiling to floor=8 ft 
Floor to Loft=5.5 ft 
Space between Loft/Ceiling=2.5 ft

Wyckoff Floor Plan

Panoramic Photo

Wyckoff PanoramaNote: Panoramic photos may bend or warp the image. Therefore, all pictures don't appear to scale. Measurements in the photos are accurate.

Wyckoff Hall Video Tour