Student Organizations Roster

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ACBU-Activities Council of Bradley University

President: Mikki Tran (

The main programming board of Bradley, ACBU produces social and education programs for the campus community including a weekly film series, major concerts, comedians, lectures, Siblings Weekend, Homecoming and special events. updated 12/17

Accounting Club

President: Olivia Centeno (

BAC is an organization for students interested in accounting. It's purpose is to help members gain knowledge of specific accounting careers, obtain onsite experience through job shadowing and group visits to companies and foster good relations through social events and networking. 8/17

Active Minds at Bradley University

President: Samantha Zucker (

The purpose of the club shall be (a) to change the negative perceptions of mental illness on Bradley's campus and (b) to provide the campus with programs and resources to raise awareness and educate about mental illness. 4/17

Adventure Club (previously Backpacking Club)

President: Andrew Trocki (

The purpose of this club is to foster student interest and participation in outdoor activities by providing leadership, and outdoor training programs and also to assist students in developing teamwork, leadership, and survival skills. 9/17

African Student Association (formerly African Culture Club)

President: Mihret Enqubahry (

The purpose of this club is to help members and the Bradley community gain an understanding of the cultural diversity in Africa through engaging and informative experiences. In addition, we hope to create an awareness by dispelling the stereotypes associated with the African continent. 1/18

Agency (formerly American Advertising Federation)

President: Hannah Yglesias (

AAF will work to provide and promote a better understanding of the functions of advertising and of its values; to stimulate and encourage advertising professionalism through advertising education; to apply the skills, creativity and energy of the advertising to help solve social problems; to develop the individual abilities of its members; and to promote fellowship and free exchange of ideas. 9/17

Alpha Chi Omega

President: Taylor Mathis (

The object of the fraternity is as follows: To attain to the highest musical culture and to cultivate those principles that embody true womanhood. 9/17

Alpha Epsilon Delta: The Health Pre-Professional Honor Society

President: Carly Woodin (


Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

President: Brayden Sternklar (

Alpha Epsilon Pi exists as a social fraternity at Bradley University to promote brotherhood between its members and intrafraternity unification. 10/17

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

President: Kameron Toney (

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities 9/17

Alpha Phi Omega

President: Bridget Kohl (

Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity. Members of the Zeta Alpha chapter will grow and bond through the three cardinal principles of leadership, friendship, and service. 7/17

Alpha Psi Lambda Interest Group

President: Andrea Hernandez (

Serve the university campus & community. Bring forth on a scholastic level, Hispanics/Latinos & others at the university on the basis of friendship. Provide a supplementary educational, social & cultural experience for the mutual cultivation of its members. Advocate for the needs & concerns of the Hispanic/Latino cultures. Enhance the educational experience through social & cultural activities, assist in the development of members' leadership abilities. Promote inter-fraternity relations. Foster positive relations between the Greek system, University/College administration & the outside community. 1/18

Amateur Radio Club - BUARC

President: Devon Simmons (

This is a hobby club for those interested in ham radio and obtaining an FCC license. 12/17

American Marketing Association

President: Natalie Cabell (

A national organization dedicated to educating about and promoting careers in the field of marketing. 9/17

American Sign Language Club

President: Blake McCormick (

American Sign Language Club will make Bradley University students more aware of deaf culture, increase knowledge and understanding of American Sign Language, and will contribute our ASL skills to the community. 8/17

American Society of Civil Engineers - ASCE

President: Emma Woods (

This national organization represents the civil engineering profession across the world. Bradley ASCE members enjoy friendship, fun, and real-world engineering applications through meetings, social events, networking, speakers, and volunteering. The student chapter also annually participates in the ASCE Great Lakes Conference with competitions such as the concrete canoe, steel bridge, surveying, and more! 7/17

Anime Club

President: Marshall Hearst (

Celebrates the world of anime through public and private viewings and discussions of the art. 7/17

APICS Bradley University Student Chapter

President: Matthew Kern (

An international organization of corporation managers and practitioners, public & private educators, business & government researchers, students of many college disciplines, and professionally trained persons for many walks of life. The purpose of the assoc. is to develop professional efficiency in operation management thru study, research & application of scientific methods. 10/17

Art of Living Foundation

President: Mina Fedderly (


Association of Computing Machinery

President: Joseph Brennan (

The purpose of this club is to develop a better relationship between computer students and faculty members and to foster interest in computer-related fields. 9/17

Association of Information Technology Professional (AITP)

President: Kerstyn Campbell (

To help develop a better understanding of the nature & functions of information technology. To promote sound general principles in it and to study technical methods with a view to improvement. To help supply members the most current methods and assist them in solving their individual problems. 10/4

Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)

President: Nycole Lozano (

Provides the University community with programs and activities that foster a better understanding of cultural diversity, ethnic linguistic and spiritual mosaic that represents all Latina/o groups. 1/18

Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA)

President: Kamila Achi (

Our mission is to empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation in every sector of the global economy. 8/17

Auto Club

President: Bryan Endres (

The purpose of the club shall be (a) to foster a wide student interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, programs and (b) to asservice sist students in developing skills and leadership. 1/18