Student Organizations Roster

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Camp Kesem

President: Haley Thorn (


Campus Outreach

President: Joe Kennell (

Equipping college students to be disciple-makers in the real world. Part of the College Ministry at Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL. 8/17

Card Games Club

President: Ethan Buck (


Catholic Braves (formerly St Joseph Newman Center)

President: Nicole Stolarski (


Cereal Club

President: Lauren Christo (

the purpose of the club shall be to (a) fill student's hearts with joy as they also fill their stomachs with delicious cereal goodness and (b) bring awareness to a multitude of cereal brands, domestic and international, and provide fun cereal facts. 8/17

Chamber Orchestra

President: Dr John Jost (


Chess Club

President: James Beiderbecke (

Foster student interest in the game of chess, to provide opportunities for students to play chess and to provide community service opportunities through chess. 8/17

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

President: Mercy Perhay (

Chi Alpha XA at Bradley is a Christian Fellowship and Outreach. We also have ISFM (International Student Friendship Ministries) through which we organize fun events, activities, trips etc. We also provide arrival assistance to any international student in need, help them make new friends, and learn and experience the warm American culture in Peoria and various places in Illinois. 9/17

Chi Omega

President: Alexis Lovell (


Chi Sigma Iota

President: Megan Vander Wall (

This organization shall be called Beta Phi Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International, Inc. The purpose of the society shall be to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, advocacy and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling. 12/17

Chinese Culture Club

President: Dawn Huang (

Chinese Culture Club, also known as CCC, is a student-run organization that promotes raising the awareness of diversity and understanding of Chinese Culture on campus. CCC is an excellent resource for all people who are interested in learning about Chinese language, cuisine, tradition, art, festival, and modern life of China. The club highlights different cultural aspects of China through various Chinese-themed educational events and activities including celebration of the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival. We enjoy and have fun exploring Chinese Culture through various activities. Come join us. 8/17

Circle K

President: Katie Loyet (

Strives to meet the personal needs of the individual collegian through the qualities of leadership, the rewards of service and the unique spirit of friendship as a student chapter of Kiwanis International. 9/17

Clean Up Crew (BU)

President: Malini Wijesinghe (

The purpose of the club shall be to pick up litter in the Peoria area surrounding Bradley University. The students will be able to derive pleasure from knowing that they are doing a service to the earth and the citizens of Peoria. As we will be working in conjunction with the Peoria Mayor's Litter Committee, we also hope to help build a strong bond between the city and Bradley. 9/17

College Democrats

President: Adam Sundling (

Promotes understanding of the political process, registers voters and assists the Democratic Party with campaigns and events. 9/17

College Republicans

President: Robert Miller (

Promotes understanding of the political process, registers voters and assists the Republican Party with campaigns and events. updated 8/17

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Org. (CEO)

President: Sam Johnson (

Enhances and promotes opportunities for students interested in entrepreneurial pursuits through the networking of students, faculty and successful entrepreneurs. 8/17

Common Ground

President: Gabrielle Hogan (

Gay-Straight Student Alliance focused on creating a comfortable environment for LGBTQAI students. 7-17

Community Chorus

President: Dr John Jost (

Auditions are required and one half-credit will be received for participation in this ensemble which studies music through the performance of major works with an orchestra. 9/17


President: Marshall Winstead (

Strives to help students establish a strong relationship with God and each other while having an impact on campus through bible studies, large group meetings, retreats, conferences, prayer meetings and socials. 8/17


President: Heidi Rottier (

The purpose of the club shall be to inform and educate students about CureSearch and childhood cancer; also to raise funds for CureSearch, and to reach out to children who have cancer in the Peoria area. 7/17

Custom Crew

President: Aime De lattre (