Misconduct Review Process (MRP)

All registered Bradley University Student Organizations and their respective members, are expected to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards as outlined by their constitutions and the Student Handbook. The Student Organization Misconduct Review Process (MRP) is a mechanism designed to promote general student interests for the betterment of the student body, Bradley’s campus, and the community as a whole. Conduct by Student Organizations, or any member acting on behalf of the organization, which adversely affect the abilities of others to pursue their educational or involvement goals will result in review by the Misconduct Review Process.

It is broadly expected that each registered Student Organization and each member of those organizations respect and follow the rules and regulations of Bradley University as well as the rights of individual students, guests, faculty, and staff. The rules and regulations of Bradley University are laid out in the Student Handbook and articulated through the Standards of Conduct.  The Misconduct Review Process is in place to evaluate claims made against Student Organizations to determine if disciplinary action is warranted and needed to rectify said behaviors. The Misconduct Review Process is separate and independent from any civil or criminal judicial action and may proceed even if a related matter is anticipated or pending in other forums.

The Misconduct Review Process may not adjudicate individual students behaviors – these matters will be routed through established University judicial procedures. Instead the MRP is in place to serve both the University and the Student Organizations as a fair and balanced forum for adjudicating complaints concerning alleged non-academic misconduct by a Student Organization against Bradley University policies, procedures or regulations.  

MRP: How to File a Grievance

When a Student Organization is accused of violating a rule or regulation, an official Misconduct Review Referral must be filed with the Student Activities Office. The online Misconduct Review Referral Form can be found below. Any member of the University community may file a Misconduct Review Referral and it must be submitted to the office no later than one week after gaining knowledge of the incident in question.  No action can be officially taken until the Referral Form is completed.

Upon receiving the Misconduct Review Referral Form the Student Activities Office will review it within five (5) business days. This review will consist of checking for completion and a preliminary analysis to investigate whether the action detailed in the Referral Form is a potential violation of a University standard of conduct.

If the action is deemed a potential violation, the Student Activities Office will notify the Student Organization’s President and Advisor in writing detailing that a Misconduct Review Referral has been filed with the office. This referral must be issued within five (5) days of submission. The notification must include:

  1. A specific description of the incident in question
  2. Identification of specific rule(s) or regulation(s) being violated
  3. Request for the alleged student organization to meet with Student Activities staff member